Applications of smart glasses in the office

Provide a safe and modern environment with a smart office

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    Back Projection

    The ability to play HD quality images using a projector

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    Energy Saving

    Up to 30% reduction in electricity and gas bills

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    High Transparency

    85% parallel light transmission using raw materials made in Japan

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    Instant Privacy

    Create privacy in a fraction of a second

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    Increase useful space

    With the use of smart film, there is no need for walls or traditional partitions

2 years warranty

مIranian smart glass products with 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service

Professional installation team

Experienced and professional transportation and installation team with implementation of more than 200 smart building projects in Iran

The shortest delivery time

By accurately estimating the aspects of each project, the shortest time for production and installation is offered to customers

Smart Partition

Luxurious office environment

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Smart Film Adhesive

Affordable with the shortest delivery time

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Laminated Glass

Suitable for facades and wet environments

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Patterned Glass

Unique and special

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