Why Smart Partition?

By eliminating traditional partitions, more useful space will be available to the company

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    Competitive price

    With 2 years warranty

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    Fast delivery

    With more than 200 implemented projects

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    life span

    Raw materials made in Japan

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    The highest transparency

    More than 85% parallel light transmission

Advantages of using smart partition

Increasing the useful space of large companies


The use of smart film or frosted glass in the frameless smart partition structure not only provides controllable privacy, but also significantly reduces sound insulation.

The presence of natural light throughout the company

By using a smart frameless partition, there will be minimal obstruction to the entry of natural light throughout the company’s environment. As a result, during the day, there will be less need to use lighting systems, which will save energy consumption.

Modern and minimal design

By using the frameless smart partition system, interior designers and well-known design companies have been able to provide minimal yet modern and practical design for respected employers.

Using the highest quality fittings

The appliances used in the frameless smart partition system are from the best brands in the world such as Meroni and Hope.
Also, in the structure of sliding and rail doors, the German GEZE brand has always been used in the projects of Iran Smart Glass Company.

Increase useful space

By removing plaster walls or traditional partitions, you will need only 2 cm to create smart partitions as a separator of office spaces. Now, if we need to separate several spaces in an office space, such as the CEO’s room, meeting room, etc., a considerable area will be added to the useful space of the company by using frameless smart partition.

2 years warranty

Iranian smart glass products with 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service

Professional installation team

Experienced and professional transportation and installation team with implementation of more than 200 smart building projects in Iran

The shortest delivery time

By accurately estimating the aspects of each project, the shortest time for production and installation is offered to customers

Smart Partition

Luxurious office environment

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Smart Film Adhesive

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Laminated Glass

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Patterned Glass

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Smart House

Smart frosted glass can be easily connected to all types of smart home

Application of Smart Glass

A special solution with unique capabilities

Office Applications

Provide a safe and modern environment with a smart office


Commercial Applications

Residential Applications

Smart home, new life

Healthcare Applications

Smart medical centers, providers of new medical services

Applications in the hotel

Using smart glass in a smart hotel

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