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What is smart glass? Is there a special gas or liquid inside the smart glasses?!

Smart glass is created by combining smart film and plain glass. The smart film is either stuck on the glass or laminated between two layers of glass. The smart film is liquid crystal particles between two ITO layers that are aligned with the electric current and as a result the smart film becomes transparent. So there is no special gas or liquid inside these glasses!

What is the delivery time for smart glasses?

Depending on the type of selected product, laminated smart glass or adhesive smart film, as well as the size and volume of the project, the delivery time of Smart Glass Company products varies between 7 and 40 working days.

Is Iran's smart glass capable of producing perforated smart glass?

Yes. Smart glass can be produced in different designs with holes. Of course, the production plan should be reviewed by Iran Smart Glass Company first. It is worth noting that after the production of laminated smart glass, it is not possible to change the size or make holes.

What is the price of smart glass and smart film?

The price of smart glass is different depending on its type, smart film with adhesive back, laminated smart glass, double-glazed smart glass or patterned smart glass. For more information, please contact the sales department after reading the smart glass questions section.

What is the working voltage and power consumption of smart glasses?

The voltage consumption of smart glasses is 65 VAC, and the amount of consumption of smart glasses is approximately 5 watts per square meter.

Does the installation of smart film or smart glass have to be done by Iran's smart glass company?

Yes. Considering the complexities of installing smart glass and the warranty provided by Iran Smart Glass, smart glass must be installed by experts.

Can smart glasses be used in sliding or opening doors?

Yes. Iran Smart Glass has completed many projects of smartening sliding and opening doors.

How to clean smart glass or smart film?

Considering that smart films are vulnerable, to clean smart films, you must gently use a special LCD tissue with water. Do not use strong detergents or sharp objects. Make sure that the end, surface or corners of the smart film are not wet. You can also click on this link to download the file on how to clean smart glasses

Is it possible to order colored smart glass?

Smart glasses become transparent when they are turned on. Depending on the intensity and lighting conditions of the environment where smart glasses are installed, about 10% haze (HAZE) is normal in smart glasses.

Is it possible to make the currently installed glasses at home or workplace smart?

Yes. By using smart films, you can easily make any glass smart. Just contact Iran Smart Glass!

How long is the lifespan of smart glasses?

If smart glasses are used correctly (switching off for 4 hours in 24 hours of smart glasses), smart glasses can function more than 5 million times.

Do smart glasses prevent ultraviolet rays from entering?

Yes. Smart glasses can prevent harmful UV rays from entering up to 99%.

Do the smart glasses of Iran Smart Glass Company have a warranty?

The products of Iran Smart Glass Company, depending on the type of product, include a warranty of up to 2 years based on the warranty conditions specified in the warranty card.

Is it possible to install smart glasses in the city?

Due to the wide network of agents, Iran Smart Glass is proud to have successfully implemented its products in many cities of Iran.

Can smart glasses be used to make the building smart?

Yes, smart glasses can be easily defined on all smart home software.

Can smart glasses be used on the facade of the building?

Smart glasses not only prevent up to 99% of ultraviolet rays from entering, but by preventing the passage of direct sunlight and IR rays, they can save energy by up to 33%. Also, due to the back projection feature, smart glasses can be used well in commercial or residential facades.