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Privacy on Demand

Instant Privacy

Less than a second from transparent to opaque
شیشه هوشمند با شفافیت بالا

High Transparency

More than 85% parallel light transmittance
Smart Home

Smart House

Easily connect ISG glass to your smart home panel
صرفه جویی در انرژی با شیشه هوشمند

Energy Saving

Save on heating & cooling costs, up to 30% bills reduction
شیشه هوشمند با قابلیت چند منظوره

Back Projection

Turn your ISG glass to multi touch projection screen

What is smart glass?

Smart Glass is the name of controllable glasses incorporating a smart layer called PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film into the glass. Altering light transmission properties, smart glasses can transform from opaque to transparent applying an electric field. When a low voltage is applied (the ON state), the molecules align into a formed manner, allowing light to pass straight through, and making the glass transparent. As electricity is turned off, the LC molecules scatter randomly again, breaking the passage of light and turning the glass opaque.

Advantages of using frosted glass

Smart Glass is especially helpful in agile work environments, providing multi functional features to maintain privacy on demand while maximizing the space of a modern office. This technology allows privacy without blocking light, meaning natural and artificial light can still be utilized while privacy is maintained. By incorporating smart glass panels, healthcare facilities can create brighter spaces and let the sun penetrate deeper into the building, harnessing the healing powers of the sun.

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SmartPro Self adhesive

Self-adhesive Smart Film

Great solution for smart offices
شیشه لمینیت هوشمند صفحه اول

Smart Laminate Glass

Great Product for en-suit bathrooms
فیلم هوشمند طرحدار

Decorative Smart Film

Unique solution to bring unique privacy

Know more about smart Glass

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) consists of micron sized droplets of liquid crystal dispersed in an optically isotropic polymer matrix. By choosing appropriate combinations of liquid crystal and polymer material, the PDLC film can be electrically switched from a light-scattering or opaque “off state” to a non-scattering or transparent “on state”. In the “off state”, the PDLC film appears milky white due to the refractive index mismatch encountered by incoming light at the liquid crystal/polymer interface.

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