Why Iran Smart Glass?

Provider of smart glass with the highest quality

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    Back Projection

    The ability to play HD quality images using a projector

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    Energy Saving

    Up to 30% reduction in electricity and gas bills with smart glass

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    Smart House

    The ability to connect to all kinds of smart home brands

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    High Transparency

    Smart film with parallel light transmission of 85% using raw materials made in Japan

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    Instant Privacy

    Create privacy in a fraction of a second

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    Increase Useful Space

    By using smart glass, there is no need for walls or traditional partitions

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    New Technology

    Matting smart glass is a new product in the construction industry

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    Long Life

    More than 80,000 hours of operation when the smart glass is on

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    Easy Installation

    No need to install rails or special infrastructure such as installing traditional curtains

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    Low Consumption

    The energy consumption of smart glass is less than 5 watts per square meter

Smart glass frameless partitions are the miracle that solved the problem of lack of office space and private space needed by every employee. With the help of smart glass partitions, you can easily divide office halls into several rooms so that people can take care of their responsibilities in private with high concentration.

By using smart glasses, it is possible to prevent the passage of harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun (absorbing more than 99% of UV rays) and also more than 60% of IR rays. All these facilities, along with the very low power consumption (5 watts per square meter) of these glasses, have justified the use of this product in smart homes, conference halls, partitions, swimming pools and commercial facades.

Smart Glass or Switchable Privacy Glass refers to a new generation of glass that becomes opaque and transparent when an electric current is applied. This unique feature can be used well in conference rooms, management, sports halls, swimming pools, sanitary facilities, banks and hospitals.

More About
Smart Glass

The inner layer of smart glass, smart film, consists of several layers of advanced materials that are placed next to each other with high technology, each of which plays a role. The first layers of this smart film are made of PET polymer sheets, which are covered with a very thin layer of a transparent material that conducts electricity. Between two layers of these polymer sheets, a material called PDLC is placed. The constituents of this layer are actually liquid crystals that are completely irregularly distributed in a polymer field, and this irregular distribution causes the light rays to break and make the film opaque.

Now, if an electric current is passed through two layers of electricity conductors, an electric field is formed, which causes the irregular crystals to be placed in a completely regular and aligned manner, which enables the passage of light rays without breaking and directly. In this way, the smart glass is transparent.

2 years warranty

Iranian smart glass products with 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service

Professional installation team

Experienced and professional transportation and installation team with implementation of more than 200 smart building projects in Iran

The shortest delivery time

By accurately estimating the aspects of each project, the shortest time for production and installation is offered to customers

Smart Partition

Luxurious Office Environment

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Smart film with adhesive

Affordable with the shortest delivery time

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Laminated smart glass

Suitable for facades and wet environments

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Patterned smart glass

Unique and special

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The use of Smart Glasses

A special solution with unique capabilities

Office Applications

Provide a safe and modern environment with a smart office


Commercial Applications

Residential Applications

Smart Home, New Life


Healthcare Applications

Smart medical centers, providers of new medical services


Application in the hotel

Using smart glass in a smart hotel



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مرکز ایمپلنت دکتر حقانی

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حمام مستر نیاوران حمام مستر نیاوران

حمام مستر نیاوران

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ساختمان داتسو

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شرکت موننکو

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Doroos Bathroom حمام دروس

Doroos Bathroom

مشخصات پروژه نام پروژه: حمام دروس آدرس: تهران، دروس تاریخ نصب: شهریور 96  محصول استفاده شده: شیشه لمینیت هوشمند ابعاد پر

What is smart glass? Is there a special gas or liquid inside the smart glasses?

Smart glass comes from the combination of smart and simple film. The smart film is either glued on the glass or laminated between two layers of glass. The smart film is the crystal particles between the two layers of ITO, which align with the electric current, and as a result, the smart film becomes transparent. So there is no gas or liquid in these glasses!

What is the working voltage and power consumption of frosted glass?

The voltage consumption of smart glasses is 65 VAC, and the amount of consumption of smart glasses is approximately 5 watts per square meter.

How to clean smart glass or smart film?

Considering that smart films are vulnerable, to clean smart films, you must gently use a special LCD tissue with water. Do not use strong detergents or sharp objects. Make sure that the end, surface or corners of the smart film are not wet.

Is it possible to make the currently installed glasses at home or workplace smart?

Yes. By using smart film with adhesive back, you can easily make any glass smart. Just contact Iran Smart Glass!

Can smart glasses be used to make the building smart?

Yes, smart glasses can be easily defined on all smart home software.

What is the price of smart glasses and smart film?

The price of smart glass is about twice the price of smart film due to the lamination process and the use of several intermediary layers. To get the price of Iran’s smart glass products, please contact the phone number of the sales department.

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