Why smart frosted glass?

Laminated smart frosted glass with high resistance to dust and moisture

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    Competitive price

    With 2 years warranty

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    Fast delivery

    With more than 200 implemented projects

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    life span

    Raw materials made in Japan

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    The highest transparency

    More than 85% parallel light transmission

Advantages of using smart frosted glass

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Due to the fact that in the smart frosted glass product, the smart film is laminated between two layers of glass, it will be more resistant to moisture than the smart film with adhesive back, and its cleaning is not as sensitive as the smart film with adhesive back. Therefore, you can easily clean the smart frosted glass by using special nanofiber wipes that are provided at the same time as the installation.

Controllable privacy

By using smart frosted glass, you can easily change the glass from transparent to opaque and vice versa.
This unique feature makes it possible to use this product in master bathrooms, swimming pools and gyms of luxury buildings.

The possibility of installation on the facade and wet places

Due to the sensitivity of smart films to moisture and direct sunlight, it is not recommended to use it in these conditions. For this reason, by laminating smart taluks, it is possible to use smart frosted glass in bathrooms, swimming pools, and building facade windows.
In this case, smart frosted glass can be used in the structure of double-glazed glass to be used on the facade.

2 years warranty

Iranian smart glass products with 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service

Professional installation team

Experienced and professional transportation and installation team with implementation of more than 200 smart building projects in Iran

The shortest delivery time

By accurately estimating the aspects of each project, the shortest time for production and installation is offered to customers

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Smart House

Smart frosted glass can be easily connected to all types of smart home

Application of Smart Glass

A special solution with unique capabilities

Office Applications

Provide a safe and modern environment with a smart office

Commercial Applications

Residential Applications

Smart home, new life

Healthcare Applications

Smart medical centers, providers of new medical services

Applications in the hotel

Using smart glass in a smart hotel

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