Why smart film adhesive ?

Smart film with adhesive back, a new solution for smart homes

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    Competitive price

    With 2 years warranty

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    Fast delivery

    With more than 200 implemented projects

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    life span

    Raw materials made in Japan

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    The highest transparency

    More than 85% parallel light transmission

Advantages of using smart film adhesive

No need to change the installed glasses

Increasing the useful space of the company

The thickness of standard false walls is about 12 cm on average, while the thickness of a standard glass partition (not double-glazed) is about 2 cm.
It means saving about 10 cm, in each wall that is replaced by a glass partition and smart film. Calculate this number according to the number of rooms in the company.
It will be a significant number!

No need for shutters and fabric curtains

If you chose glass partitions, now you need a privacy product. Although some believe that the key to modern office space design is a completely open space with complete transparency, some disagree. The ability to control privacy helps employees focus better. Glass partitions with smart film can be changed from transparent to opaque for instant privacy, without the need for an additional product on the partition.

The possibility of using natural sunlight

One tip in interior design to make a small room look bigger is to use natural light. Curtains and shutters used to create privacy prevent the flow of light from one space to another and thus make the room look small. Glass partitions with smart film enable privacy without blocking natural light, meaning that, while privacy is maintained, natural and artificial light can still be used.

No need to change the installed glasses

The smart film with adhesive back can be installed on all types of pre-installed glass in the shortest time and in any profile. This feature is one of the prominent points in using this product, which makes it possible to use it in any shape and size.

Multipurpose capabilities

By using a projector, smart glasses become large projection screens with the ability to play HD quality images. Also, by using touch panels, this screen will be easily converted into a multi-touch screen.

2 years warranty

Iranian smart glass products with 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service

Professional installation team

Experienced and professional transportation and installation team with implementation of more than 200 smart building projects in Iran

The shortest delivery time

By accurately estimating the aspects of each project, the shortest time for production and installation is offered to customers

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Smart House

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Application of Smart Glass

A special solution with unique capabilities

Office Applications

Provide a safe and modern environment with a smart office


Commercial Applications

Residential Applications

Smart home, new life

Healthcare Applications

Smart medical centers, providers of new medical services

Applications in the hotel

Using smart glass in a smart hotel

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